1st Class

There was great excitement in all the First classes on Monday and Tuesday. The

children went on the bus to Aura Pool for their first swimming lessons from school.For

some children, there was even greater  excitement as they had never been to the pool

before. All the children came out smiling and are counting the days to their next



Class News

Halloween fun! First Class...room 23

25th October 2018

People play lots of games at Hallowe'en...like Snap Apple, Apple Bobbing, Saucer Fortunes and...Ms. Brogan's favourite....The Flour Game!! We had fun...but it did get a bit messy!...

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Going Batty!...in First Class Room 23 with Ms. Brogan!

23rd October 2018

We painted a colourful backgound to show the night sky lit up by fireworks and the glow of bonfires. Then we stuck on the silhouette of a tree. We made little bats using coloured bow pasta,little pom...

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Hallowe'en Fun. Room 23

22nd October 2018

Today we went to the photocopier and made "copies" of our hands. Back in the classroom we drew self portraits using pencil/black crayons/twistables. Then we did quick colour washes of the...

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22nd October 2018

 Ba mhaith liom.....níor mhaith liom ... ubh ... calóga ..leite ... We are learning lots of new vocabulary in our irish lessons ...see our new poem below. ...

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First Class Room 23.... Ms. Brogan

6th October 2018

"Fruit Dudes"!! We tried lots of different fruit and vegetables this week.We had cucumber,peppers,carrots,mange tout, grapes,apples ,bananas and oranges. In art we made some 'fruit jig-saws'. They...

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Autumn...First Class...Ms. Brogan

27th September 2018

We are learning about the seasons...it is autumn now.We learned about oak trees and are admiring the leaves changing colours on the trees and shrubs around our classroom. We talked about warm and...

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Charlotte's Web. First Class...Ms. Brogan

20th September 2018

We are listening to the story of Charlottes Web.....one of the main characters is a funny pig called Wilbur. We painted pictures of Wilbur using squares,circles and triangles....

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Meet Donagh, the Garda Horse!

13th June 2018

Today two of our local Gardaí, Garda Tony and Garda Jamie brought along a very special visitor.  From the Mounted Support Unit came Donagh the horse with Garda Maria! They visited both...

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Ice-cream and picnic!

29th May 2018

As a thank you to everyone for their extra had work in the lead-up and week of the show the entire school had a fun filled afternoon on the grass! Games, music, picnic, no uniform and guest starring...

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Get Ready for A Musical Journey!!!

21st May 2018

The chairs are ready. The stage is built. This mics have been sound checked. We are ready to take you on a Musical Journey!! Here’s a sneak peek of the inside of our marquee from the technical...

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