Autumn and Halloween Fun in Room 22!

27th October 2017

We've been busy this Autumn learning all about ourselves, nature and Halloween!

Here are some examples of our self-portraits.  We mounted them onto coloured paper to frame them.  We also used our names to make an interesting background.

The children wrote some fantastic acrostic poems about Autumn.  In an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line forms a word.

We used leaves to decorate our hedgehogs as they prepare to hibernate for the winter.  We collected leaves on a nature walk and used them to make leaf rubbings.  This provided lovely texture for our background!

We also painted lovely autumn landscape pictures using our autumn colours of red, orange, yellow and brown.

Everyone dressed up for our last day before Halloween.  We made pumpkins for art, we had a Monster Mash Fashion Show and we also played Halloween games as we tried to bite buns hanging on a string! We had so much fun!

I hope you enjoy our work.  Have a great Halloween and I'll see you all after the mid-term break.

Mr. Conlan

St. Paul's Primary School, Navan. 046-9028754

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