Mice in Room 22!!!

24th November 2017

Don't worry Padraic, not real mice!!!  Rocket Mice!!!


This week in Science we were learning all about forces.  We discussed examples of 'pushing' and 'pulling' forces.

We carried out a Rocket Mice experiment to show a pushing force in action!


1. We made our mice out of paper using a template.  We decorated them and gave them googly eyes because everything is better with googly eyes!

2. We placed our mice on top of our milk jugs.

3. We hit the sides of the milk jugs.  The pushing force made the air shoot out of the carton which pushed the mice into the air!  Whoooosh!!!

4. We wrote about our experiment in our SESE copies.  We drew a diagram and used red arrows to show the direction of the pushing force.

5. We tried different things to slow the mouse down.  We attached paperclips or blu-tak to make the mouse heavier.  We also stuck on wavy pieces of paper to the mouse.  What do you think?  Will the mouse go higher? Why?  Why not?

Make your own Rocket Mouse and find out!!!


Parents - Ask your child to describe the experiment and explain what's happening in each picture and video!


Make your own Rocket Mouse!

Click this link (or copy and paste it into your browser) for a template.




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