Nee-Naa....... Ambulance Visit.

2nd February 2018

This week we were learning all about people who help us in our community....especially doctors, nurses and paramedics. Jack's mum, Niamh and her colleague Tracy are paramedics and they  came to visit us today. After a lively question and answer session in the classroom they brought us out to see the ambulance. We got to go up in the little lift which is used to take stretchers on and off. We saw the stretcher, seats, CPR machine (called Lucas!), bandages, suction machines, oxygen tanks and  other exciting equipment. Some of us even tried on the helmets! The paramedics told us that it is very important that we know our full address/ post code in case of emergencies. We are going to practice learning these as part of our homework next week. As the ambulance  left we got to see the blue lights and hear the's VERY loud!. Thank you  Niamh and Tracy for a great day.

St. Paul's Primary School, Navan. 046-9028754

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