Waterproof Hat for Teddy... Junior Infants... Room 3

22nd November 2017

We received a letter from The Teddy Bear Factory asking us to help the designers find a good material to make a waterproof hat for their teddies if they were out walking in the rain. The postman delivered a box of possibilities. We tested them to see which material was waterproof and which was not. We conducted a 'FAIR TEST' by putting the same amount of water on each hat and then checking to see if the teddy's head was wet or if the 'rain' had gone through and made the hat wet inside. We discovered that the tinfoil and the plastic were best for keeping ted's head dry. Ronan brought in a rubber glove. It made a great rain hat too!

We all had paper hats which we brought home....they were NOT suitable for the downpour at home time!!

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