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On Friday, the 19th of April, Room 25 5th class hosted a Sport’s Day for the other three classes in 5th class, in aid of Tanzanian Heavenly Homes. In order for this to go ahead, they had to write some very persuasive letters, which they did successfully!

They organised five stations of sports on the Astroturf, and had a timetable for the other classes to follow. The pupils took on the role of ‘teacher’ during this, as they explained the rules and games to their classmates.

The day ran smoothly and was very successful for the organisers. It finished with a fantastic game of soccer, 5th class v. staff. Congratulations to 5th class on their victory! Over €340 was raised in aid of the charity on the day. Well done Room 25, I am very proud of your teamwork and efforts during this event – Ms. Anderson.