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Two exciting additions to our coverage from Beauty and the Beast! We were lucky enough to have Betty B. Photographer attend on the Wednesday night (4th class choir and narrators).  She took lots of amazing photographs, many of which you can see in our gallery at the bottom of the page.  We are also providing a link to the photos HERE.  As always please be mindful and do not share any photos containing other children on social media.

We are also delighted to include the review below written by one of our talented 5th Class pupils! Enjoy!

Beauty and The Beast Jr – Review 

Review by Jayden Cahill, 5th Class



Luckily I was able to get my hands on a ticket to attend the dramatic musical of Beauty and The Beast Jr produced by St. Paul’s Primary, the show was held in the school which was handy. When I entered, the hall was completely transformed with a big stage and many tiers of seats. It felt like an actual theatre! They weren’t the most comfortable seats, but they were comfortable enough to sit in. I also noticed the hall was dimmed and you could see busy staff’s heads and being able to tell they were focusing on the preparation to bring the show to life. 



The voice over the intercom did a good job instructing all viewers, explaining certain importance like no mobile phones or food and drinks in the theatre. Not everyone but most people were attentive when listening to the guidance and aced at listening. Everyone then sat back and relaxed, waiting for the show to begin. 



The staging of the show was incredible! The lights were on point, shining over the choir everytime they sang and making sure the cast were in the spotlight. Each scene had a light theme which worked out perfectly! The smoke machines were a good way to change the characters in the scene. Speaking of changing things, the swift moves off the production team and the cast when changing the flats or dashing out to pose on stage for their upcoming scene, it was amazingly done!



The props used in the show were excellent! They were brought out at the right times and added up to the scene’s meaning. The props really helped the stage not look empty, the props the characters on stage really got them into their emotion, explaining it better to all of us.



The sound effects were great, but the choir were absolutely fantabulous! It’s easy to say all their effort paid off, big time. The songs brought tears to my eyes and it felt so real while watching it.



The show’s direction was outstanding, all the cast did perfect which means they must’ve been really careful and attentive when listening and performing the musical. 



The cast’s performance was amazing, each and every performer perfect for their role like, Belle, The Beast, Gaston. They memorised their lines very well and definitely put in a lot of effort to make our night, a no doubt delight!



The amount of dedication put into the costumes is spectacular! Each performer got an extremely accurate costume to perform in during the show. What a great feature!



Like the costumes, the effort in makeup was spectacular! The foundation was a smart point and the designs provided for each character looked great!



The show put together was absolutely outstanding, it was such a worthwhile experience to watch and was definitely worth the time. The acting, the staging, the everything! It was like a bundle of perfection on the stage. It’s great that such talented students like this received such a creative and fun opportunity to participate in, I honestly wish I could’ve done one myself! 


In conclusion, my rating is 5 stars! One downside was the lights being flashy at times, but the performance definitely made up for it!