1st Class

There was great excitement in all the First classes on Monday and Tuesday. The

children went on the bus to Aura Pool for their first swimming lessons from school.For

some children, there was even greater  excitement as they had never been to the pool

before. All the children came out smiling and are counting the days to their next



Class News

Elf glyphs in First Class Room 23

5th December 2019

We created fantastic 'Elf Glyphs' for our maths class. We followed the directions on the math legend and created a unique set of characteristics. Classmates then had to 'read' the elf to determine...

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Hair-raising events in First Class Room 23

20th November 2019

First class was investigating the effects of static electricity on various surfaces .... with 'hair-raising' results!...

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Eddie the Penguin Saves The World....with First Class Room 23

19th November 2019

We performed our 'Climate Action' play EDDIE THE PENGUIN SAVES THE WORLD,four times over the last few days for various classes. We were raising awareness of the little things we can do ourselves to...

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Exploring Static Electricity in Room 21

15th November 2019

First Class were very busy investigating which materials work best to create a static charge on balloons. We rubbed our balloons off lots of different surfaces such as the carpet, the tabletops, our...

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Fís National Award Winners!

15th November 2019

St. Paul's were delighted to be shortlisted and eventual winners in the national filmmaking competition for primary schools, Fís Film Project.  The movie, "A Better Way" was scripted,...

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A windmill in old Amsterdam. First Class Room 23

8th November 2019

One of our spellings this week was WINDMILL. We learned a song about a mouse who made his home in a windmill. We also created 3D images of windmills during our art lesson....

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On the snail trail! First Class Room 23. Ms. Brogan

6th November 2019

We are learning about snails this week. We watched an interesting PowerPoint and discovered some amazing facts about these creatures. We also looked at an artist called Henri Matisse who 'painted...

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Beautiful Black Cats. First Class Room 23 (Ms Brogan)

22nd October 2019

We created some beautiful black cats in our craft lesson......we used only one sheet of paper and some clever scissors work! Our cats then sparked some brilliant stories....who owns the cat...what is...

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Halloween Art...First Class Room 23

21st October 2019

We created beautiful pictures using various shades and tones of yellow,orange and red. We added silhouettes of cats /bats and houses to give them a seasonal feel. We love that they are all so...

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Spider Fun. First Class Room 23.Ms. Brogan

18th October 2019

We had great fun creating spiders and learning some interesting facts about these amazing creatures. Did you know that a spider is NOT an insect? Or that most spiders have 8 eyes? A spider has forty...

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