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Erasmus Mobility - Marino Institute of Education

This year at St Pauls, we have been working with both schools and education centres partaking in the Erasmus+ programme to develop the area of Physical Literacy in our school. Staff members have travelled to Barcelona, Santa Cruz Tenerife and Lisbon to engage in courses around this topic, as well as job shadowing in schools to see ideas in action. Our staff have highly praised the programme and have gained many ideas that have been shared with all other staff members upon their return, to build on St Pauls skills set in the area of Physical Literacy.

To date, we have implemented many of the ideas gained from participation in the programme. In St Pauls, we place a huge emphasis on children’s wellbeing and the importance of movement so these new games/ ideas have been very much welcomed by all our staff who have made great use of the ideas shared. During our wellbeing week, our main emphasis was on the importance of movement in the classroom and so many of the activities used were taken from our staffs engagement in this programme.

With our new found knowledge and ideas, many teachers now make a conscious effort to get their class moving as much as possible throughout the day while still learning – reading and writing relay races, quiz brain breaks, emotion whispers, lip reading, snowball fights, daily miles and learning through movement has been so fun, rewarding and beneficial for both staff and students!

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