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In April 2023, four of our Teachers headed to Castelldefels, Spain to engage with the school’s ongoing Erasmus programme ‘Let’s Play’. During this trip, Ms Boyle, Mr Cantwell, Mr McLoughlin and Ms Smith spent time observing different teaching strategies and methodologies to promote play in our schools daily teaching and learning. Play is the foundation of learning, creativity, self-expression, and constructive problem-solving and engaging in this Erasmus programme allowed us to gather plentiful ideas to share with our staff upon our return. Below are some pictures of the ideas gathered in action that we were able to share with our staff members at a Croke Park hour. Taking a step back to observe ideas in action allowed us to see the wonderful benefits playtime can have for children’s holistic development. Lessons weren’t solely focused on one particular area but allowed all pupils to play an equal and important part in the lesson whether they be visual, kinaesthetic, auditory learners. This inclusivity also allowed peers to  acknowledge and better understand each other in a way that allowed them to work together more empathetically going forward.  Upon return, equipped with a new key set of ideas and resources it was time to share with our colleagues and pupils. It has been great to see both staff and pupils learning more through play!