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St. Paul’s is very excited to announce that tennis season has begun!

 We now have two professional tennis nets and two full size courts. In addition we have  child-friendly equipment to ensure that the pupils of St. Paul’s can learn new skills using the most modern resources! The de-compresurised tennis balls make learning tennis easier and also allows children to rally and develop their skills in a safe and fun environment. This is based on the ITF ‘Play and Stay’ Programme.

Ms.Greally and Ms. Mulligan began teaching 3rd class in April. Since then Ms. Greally’s class have been busy coaching and sharing their knowledge with other children in the school. They have taught children basic techniques such as the forehand, the backhand and  the volley. They have also worked on their footwork and hand-eye coordination skills. Well done to all our fantastic budding coaches! 

Active Week was a great opportunity to give all classes a chance to participate in a Cardio Tennis session which kept the children active and involved. Please take a look at some of our snapshots below!