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As part of the annual Sundries charge, we include a Pupils Personal Accident insurance with Allianz. This insurance scheme provides 24-hour 365-day cover against accidental injury to pupils and is not restricted to accidents on school property. All pupils are included in the Pupil Insurance Scheme (provided their annual Book Rental/Sundries has been paid), so there is no necessity to fill out an individual insurance form.

What is the procedure for making a claim ?

See the Allianz website for full information on how to make a claim. See Allianz Policy Document for full details of what is covered. The parent/guardian completes the claim form – download the pupil personal accident report form here. The claim form needs to be signed by the parent /guardian and will also need to be signed by the school. The claim form should then be sent to Allianz along with any accompanying medical bills/receipts (if there are likely to be additional expenses as a result of the accident, please send a note with the claim stating that and Allianz will keep the claim open). Payment for claims can now be made by direct transfer in to your bank account. All correspondence should contain the school policy or reference number (DK RPA 3523522) together with the school phone number (046 9028754) and sent to:   Sean Maxwell Allianz Insurance Allianz House Elm Park Merrion Road Dublin 4 Telephone: 01 613 3559 Email: rpaclaims@allianz.ie   The insurance will reimburse all medical expenses* for accident or injury in or out of school (cover is 24/7 – all year) which are not recoverable under private insurance or medical card.