Sixth Class Stationery List

10th July 2019

Sixth Class Stationery List 2019-2020

10 x A11 120 page Copies

 3 X 88 page Maths Copies

 1 x Refill Pad

2 x A4 Hardback Copies (carried on from 5th class)

2 x A4 Display Books – (40 pocket)

4 x plastic document wallets (A4)

Mathematical Set

2 x Pritt Stick Large

1 x B4 Handwriting copy

2 x packets of thin tipped white board markers

1 x Irish Grammar Glance Card (carried forward from 5th class)

1 Tinwhistle –Key of D

Each child must have their own pencils, red pen for ruling, eraser, ruler & colouring pencils- no other biros. Pencils used for maths. - All individually labelled

Plimsoles are needed for indoor footwear.

St. Paul's Primary School, Navan. 046-9028754

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