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A number of our teachers took part in some training with the Meath Local Sports Partnership on the topic of “Orienteering”.  We decided to make the most of our local park and planned a full day of Orienteering for all our 5th and 6th class pupils (approx 100 pupils in total).

The Local Sports Partnership helped us out by going down early to meet 3 of our teachers and set up the orange markers you can see in the pictures.  They also provided us with a digital map, which we printed for every group.  We made up the control cards to match.

Each marker had a hole puncher attached, with slightly different designs for each marker. This meant all markers had to be visited to complete the course!

The children went in groups of 3 – 4.  It was organised over a path that is 1.25km long approximately, however many of the markers were ‘off track’ and had to be located.  Our fastest time was just over 12 minutes! An incredible achievement considering they had to stop and find 11 markers plus punch their control card.

Everybody enjoyed it and it was great to work with our Local Sports Partnership. We look forward to collaborating with them again soon!  There is a full gallery below of the day.