Active School Motto

Pupils on our Active School Committee asked their class to come up with a motto.

The different classes came up with the following mottoes:

Be active, it's attractive.

Don't give up, just get up.

Run,run,run,stay fit and have fun.

Come on St. Pauls. Let's run,run,run. Exercise is fun,fun,fun.

For good health sake,run,jump and shake.

You're crazy if you're lazy.

Be active,keep going.Don't stop and have fun.

St. Pauls are very fit.When it comes to exercise we don't quit.

It's fun to run.

Be fit.Be active.

Get up and move and your health will improve.

Play sport and get on the court.

Following a vote by our pupil committee members, "For good health sake, run,

jump  and shake" was chosen as our motto.



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