LMFM Interview

Kayla Mc Cabe, Cian Cantwell and Luke Slattery from 6th class along with their class teacher Ms. Carroll and principl Mrs Fahy were invited by local radio station LMFM to chat about the benefits of healthy lifestyles  and wellbeing in St. Paul's. St. Paul's were chosen as a result of their huge efforts, enthuasiam and involvement in Healthy Town Navan. 

Pat O' Shaughnessy from LMFM was delighted to hear of all the activites that are going on in St. Pauls. He was very interested when Kayla told him all about D.E.A.D (Drop Everything And Dance) and how Mrs Fahy pipes music across the intercom and we get up and dance in our place. 

Luke loved Active Schools week this year, with his favourite activity 'mini basketball'. He was proud of himself as he felt he had become very good at playing basketball. He also told Pat, that 6th class play basketball in the yard every morning before school. 

Cian told Pat all about our 400m track around our football pitch and how we run with several times a day with our lap buddies. 

Kayla, Cian and Luke really enjoyed their experience and would love if you listened to their interview. 


St. Paul's Primary School, Navan. 046-9028754

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