Lunch Detective

Our lunch detective’s play an important role in checking everyone’s lunch at little break and big break each day. All healthy lunches are rewarded on the class reward chart. Our lunches have greatly improved over last few year; the detectives have encouraged us not to bring anything unhealthy like cereal bars, crisps, chocolate and cookies. The lunch detective has  had a very positive influence on our awareness of healthy lunches.

Our school compiled a booklet called "Use it, Don't Lose it". This booklet gives us simple recipes and ideas for healthy lunches.

It is very important to eat healthy. Dairy products give lots of calcium which you need for your bones. Potato lunches give you lots of energy to keep you going for the day. Pasta is also very great food to eat. It’s healthy and also very tasty. Meat might not sound good for lunch but it is extremely good for growing. The detective ensures we eat the right food. If the detective is not sure about some food, she/he asks the teacher.



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