Active Schools Week - Mini Basketball

Jason from Basketball Ireland visited our school today to teach the boys and girls from Senior infants and 6th class the skills of mini-basketball. Mini-basketball is a basketball game for children of primary school. It was first started in Spain in 1963 and is now the most popular children's game in the world. 

While mini-basketball is similar to adult basketball

* the baskets are 81/2, rather than 10'

* the ball is smaller and more manageable 

* the rules are modified 

* each game is divided into 4 quarters with all the players including substitutes playing at least one quarter and not more than three quarters 

* emphasises the importance of skill development by encouraging everyone to learn, practice and develop skills rather than to win at all costs. 

Jason played lots of fun games with us to teach us the skills of how to handle and control the ball properly. We learned to have proper control over the ball we must use two hands with our fingers spread into the 'W' grip. 

The most important lesson Jason thought us today was to ensure we have fun,  it's not all about winning, it is about team work. 

The boys and girls of 6th class can not wait to practice their skills in preparation for the Meath Basketball Primary School League in Spring 2017! 


St. Paul's Primary School, Navan. 046-9028754

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