Operation TRANSPORTation

'Operation TRANSPORTation' has begun.

This initiative will run from Monday, February 19th until Friday, March 2nd. Parents and children are encouraged to walk to and from school each day or at least try to park some distance from the school and walk the rest of the way. While this will have obvious health benefits for all concerned it will also improve traffic congestion in and around the school making it a safer place for the school community as a whole and will also reducing the levels of co2 in our immediate environment. Our aim is to reduce the number of cars entering and leaving the school grounds in the mornings by at least 20%.

Day 1 - 19th February 2018

Today was a great success...a total of only 47 cars came into the school this morning carrying pupils. Almost 500 children walked all or part of the way to school. Thank you and please keep up the good work. 

Day 2 - 20th February 

The Green Team were out in action today again encouraging children to walk or park'n'stride to school. A total of 23 cars came into the school today beating yesterday's number. Lets hope it keeps going the same way. Good job everyone!

Day 3 - 21st February

Great excitement around the school as the number of children driving to school reduced to 13 and the number of cars in the car park at home-time continues to decrease. The children are happier and healthier walking or using park'n'stride to school. The school is also a safer and happier place with less cars in the car park. 

Day 4 - 22nd February

Unfortunately a total of 18 cars came into the school this morning. This is still a great change from 47 cars on Monday and the very high numbers of the previous week. Please continue to walk and park'n'stride to school, we would love to reduce this number even more. Tomorrow is the last day of week 1. Please, try your very best to park'n'stride or walk to and from school. 

Day 5 - 23 February

As we reach the end of week 1 of Operation TRANSPORTation we can see a massive change in the number of people walking, cycling or using park'n'sride. St. Paul's have made an outstanding change over the past week and reduced the number of cars in the car park in the morning to 8!! More and more people are making an effort to park'n'stride or walk and it is having such a positive effect on our environment and our own health and happiness. We are looking forward to seeing what week 2 of Operation TRANSPORTation will bring. LET'S DO THIS!!! 

 Day 6- 26th February 

As we begin week two of our ‘Big Travel Challenge’, we focus on the children who walked or used park ‘n’ stride to and from school. After a fantastic first week, we are motivated to make week 2 a success. The Green Team recorded and documented how each child in their class traveled to school in the morning. The results from all classes were combined at the end of each day. The results for today were as follows;

  • Park ‘n’ stride- 247
  • Walk- 289
  • Cycle- 9
  • Drive- 107
  • Other- 14

We must remember that we are such a large school and we are delighted with these figures but we know we can do a bit better!

Day 7- 27th February 

The Junior Infants and Senior Infants are having so much fun exploring Dr. Suess’s ‘The Lorax’. They read the book today and have discussed how they can care for our environment. Ms. Brogan’s Junior Infants even made ‘Truffula Trees’ and ‘The Lorax’ himself! Today was another successful day for our ‘Operation TRANSPORTation’ results. Today the results were as follows; 

  • Park ‘n’ stride- 248
  • Walk- 296
  • Cycle- 12
  • Drive- 99
  • Other- 15

Well done to everyone who tried their best walking or using park ‘n’ stride today!

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