First Class Tour

First class went to Crystal Maze on Wednesday, 26th of May.We were divided into different teams.Each team had a leader.The teams in our class were "Crazy Crystals", "Crystal Crush" and "The Crystal Team".We had to do lots of activities.If we completed the activity we got a crystal from our leader,but we only had a certain amount of time to do it.First we had to go through a maze and meet our leader at a blue, purple or red flag.The activities included an obstacle course,a tug of war,basketball, penalty kicks, anagrams,ball collection,skipping,golf,swinging on a rope and water challenges.We also earned crystals for mental challenges.We had to work together as a team playing Jenga,doing tangrams and word puzzles.We used up lots of energy so we had some breaks.We had to do other challenges where we had to hold hands and stick together as a team,for example tyre walk,hula hoop pass pipe walk,rope and ball walk. We had to hold hands going over and under wooden poles. A team from Ms. Greally's class won the trophy.We had lots of fun. It was a great tour.

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