SPORTSHALL is a joint initiative of Local Sports Partnerships, the Athletics Association

of Ireland,The FAST Kids project of former Olympian James Nolan and the Athlone

Institute of Technology.

SPORTSHALL involves slight variations on traditional athletics events, including

sprinting, long distance,throwing and jumping. It allows athletics to continue during the

winter months in the comfort of the school hall. It is inclusive of all children regardless

of height or weight.Running events cater for tall and short runners.Throwing events 

focus on technique,not strength.The team format encourages children to build

relationships and support each other in all events.

Children from third,fourth,fifth and sixth classes went to the All Irelands SPORTSHALL

finals in Athlone.In total we had thirty two children from St. Pauls, which represented

over half of the Meath team.The competition on the day was very strong, with over

twenty counties present.We were competing in the strongest heat for the first time but

managed to get some first places in running and even more in the technical events.

Third and fourth class girls came second and fifth and sixth class girls came third.

Both third and fourth and fifth and sixth class boys came fourth.

St. Paul's Primary School, Navan. 046-9028754

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