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This May we went to visit the garden in our local Education Centre here in Navan.  Thanks to director, Dr Éadaoin McGovern, we had a most wonderful afternoon! The garden in the education has incredible plants, herbs, fruit trees, bug hotel, pond and seating areas.  We learned so much about the garden, and the care with which they had sectioned it.  There was even a section for medicinal plants!

After our tour we had a go at filling in a map to see what we could remember!

We then got a large plastic container for each group.  We spent some time decorating these containers before planting seeds.  Each container had it’s own category, a bit like the garden did! One container contained herbs, another flowers, another root veg, another leafy veg and one for medicinal plants too.  See if you can figure out which container is which from our photo gallery.