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We were delighted to be able to send 8 teachers on a very high quality training course in Iceland during 2023.  In March 2023 Ms. McLoughlin, Mr. Enright, Ms. Markey and Ms. McMorrow travelled to do the course, and later that year in October Ms. Gibbons, Ms. McCaughey, Ms. O’Donoghue and Ms. O’Byrne completed the course.  This was made possible by funding from the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme.  You can read more about it on our project page.

With play, creativity, and well-being at its core, this dynamic course offered us a personal insight into the Icelandic school system and hands-on experience with the and Play To Learn More methodology. Inspired by sports, storytelling, and mindfulness, the SMART TEACHERS PLAY MORE approach integrated multi-modal learning, engaging children aged 2 to 12 in visual, auditory, reading, writing, and kinesthetic activities. This holistic method enhanced cognitive, physical, and social competencies simultaneously, addressing the need for increased physical movement and diverse learning styles in classrooms.

We engaged in movement games, storytelling techniques, sensory play, and mindful activities, gaining tools to meet varied student needs without relying on worksheets or textbooks. The course promoted eco-friendly homemade resources over plastic alternatives and aimed to introduce us to the ideology behind STPM, offering first-hand observation in local schools. We learned to incorporate physical activity in learning, shared successful practices, involved parents and the community, and planned for ‘Play to Learn More’ outside classrooms. The course fostered collaboration among teachers globally, ensuring a fun, enriching experience while expanding our professional networks.

You can read more about our course activities in detail here