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Two of our 4th Classes have been working with our Erasmus+ partner school in Castelldefels, Spain on a project about water.  We started off learning some of the science and facts about water.  This included facts about the water cycle.  We made ‘water cycle in a bag’ to hang on our windows.

Then we met our partner groups from Spain via Google Meet in the the classrooms.  This was great fun! The class in Spain are learning English so we had to speak slowly and clearly.  We talked about how we use water in the home and how we can save it.

Our next task is to discover how to save water.  Did you know that out of all the water in the world only 3% is freshwater? However out of this 3%, 2.5% is unavailable to us because it’s locked in icecaps / glaciers, or far underground or in the atmosphere as water vapour.  This leaves a much tinier percentage to meet all our needs – drinking, washing, cooking, cleaning, sanitation… Some countries have very little of this available fresh water in their country.  It is important to conserve and keep clean the water we do have.

We have come up 5 tips for you to help conserve water in your household! Watch our fun and informative video HERE