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Our Wellbeing Week 2022 started on Monday, February 14th to Friday, February 18th and consisted of a Mindful Movement Monday, Try it out Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Feel Good Friday.

Mindful Movement Monday – It being Valentine’s Day, Mindful Movement Monday was all about being active helping our mental health and a healthy heart making for a healthy mind – lots of movement breaks took place throughout the day, Zumba workshops for each class, staff and pupils wore red and lots of other activities.

Try it out Tuesdays message was all about to not be afraid to try something new/ challenge yourself. Pupils discussed this in their classes and were encouraged to try them out (eg skipping, hula hooping, juggling, keepie uppies, etc.). Children tried out various challenges such as – The Blindfold Drawing Challenge, Try not to laugh’ challenge and Tongue Twister Challenge . Using the song ‘Reach for the Stars’,  children thought of things they wished to achieve in the near or far future no matter how big or small it may seem. Look at all we are aiming for here on our wellbeing boards. 

Wacky Wednesdays message was to embrace everybody’s individuality – everybody is unique and special.  Everybody dressed in colourful, bright, mis-matched clothing! Children shared what makes them special with their class and we all embraced our uniqueness. We also made positivity/ wellbeing quotes to stick up around our school.

Thoughtful Thursdays message was all about how we can be kind and give compliments to one another. Classes discussed compliments and how they can make us feel and then created compliment cards for each other.

Feel Good Fridays message was all about feeling good. Children brought in a teddy and slippers for during class time that makes them feel comfy/ cosy. Children had the option of some golden time in the afternoon to do something that they enjoy. Our pupils from 3rd – 6th class enjoyed a Mindful Pilates workshop too!


We all learned the Cha Cha Slide throughout the week and on Thursday morning after a morning of dancing to our favourite songs as we lined up, we all performed it together! Check out our flashmob on our school twitter @stpaulsnavan

Other activities that happened throughout the week included… 

Walking a mile with a smile to our local park…

Ten minutes Mindfulness at home time…