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Room 17 headed for Dublin’s RDS on March 1st for this year’s ESB Science Blast. We worked as scientists researching all about our question ‘Does 10 minutes of daily practice of the quick thinking, interactive game Hit The Button reduce our reaction times?’.

In order to test out our question scientifically, we used the 6 steps of the scientific method. We made observations using youtube as well as the internet and found that sports players particularly goal keepers and table tennis players need very quick reactions and how they can make themselves faster through practice. We also observed how our brain and spinal cord play such a huge part in our reactions and learned exactly the path our reactions took in our bodies while playing Hit the Button. We then drew a hypothesis and designed an experiment to test it. We concluded that ‘Yes, 10 minutes practice of Hit the Button does reduce our reaction times’. Check out our experiment pictures carrying out a ruler drop reaction test as well as our displayed results here.

The judge was so impressed with our project and we were highly praised for our understanding, knowledge and demonstrations. Our reactions are now so quick in Room 17 that not one person, out of the many that tried, could beat Izabella’s amazing Hit the Button score of 47 out of 47 in their 6 times tables….NOT EVEN THE JUDGE!! We were so delighted to receive our award.

As well as showcasing our project to the many other schools throughout the day, we got to discover and try out many fun STEM activities. Take a look at what we got up to…